Terms of Service

1. Object of the Agreement
1.1 CLP Trading GmbH ("Seller") sells to the commercial client (hereinafter "Buyer") items from his range under the following listed delivery and sales terms.  
1.2. The Seller delivers the merchandise after receipt of the order from the Buyer directly to the customer in neutral packaging. 
1.3 The Buyer is solely liable to the customer. The Buyer concludes contracts with the end user in his own name and on his own account.  He is responsible, in particular, for accepting the order and processing the entire order, including debt collection from the end user.
2. Terms of delivery
2.1 The items ordered by the Buyer will be shipped by the Seller, subject to immediate availability of the goods at the specified shipping costs by parcel service or transportation to the address of the end user of the customer.
2.2 The Seller has the right to delay delivery if not all items are in stock at the time of placing the order. In this case the licensee receives immediate information. If an item is not available, the Seller will cancel this item from the order. The Seller is entitled to make partial deliveries and render partial services if the provision of partial deliveries and partial performance is reasonable for the Buyer.
2.3 The Seller delivers the goods with reservation of title. This means that the goods remain the property of the Seller until payment is made in full. 
2.4 Deliveries are only made to islands after previous consultation and are liable to a surcharge. 
2.5 The estimated delivery time is stated in the item description. Delivery dates and times are not binding. 
3. Terms and Conditions of payment
3.1 We deliver against payment in advance. If the customer fails to meet his payment obligations, the Seller will exercise the right of extraordinary termination of this contract. 
3.2 Only the prices you can find under http://www.clp-dropshipping.de/shop/ are valid.
4. Guarantee
4.1 The guarantee period is one year from the date of delivery of the goods.
4.2 In case of defects the Seller shall at his option either offer repair or replacement. If the repair fails twice, the Buyer can demand either a reduction in price or withdraw from the contract. In case of repair, the Seller must not bear the increased costs incurred by the shipment of the goods to a place other than the place of performance, provided that the shipment does not match the intended use of the goods. 
5. Returns
5.1 In Germany we accept the return of goods from customers of the Buyer within 4 weeks. The costs of returns will be borne by the Seller. If the goods are in perfect condition, the Buyer will be reimbursed the purchase price, including costs of sending.
5.2 From outside Germany, we accept return of goods from the customers of the Buyer within 4 weeks. In this case, the costs are shared. The costs of sending the goods are assumed by the Buyer and the cost of returning the goods are assumed by the Seller. That means we will refund the product price without sending costs to the Buyer after the goods returned.
5.3 Islands are exempt from the return provisions. The return of goods from islands is excluded.
5.4 We don't take back goods from countries outside the European Union.
5.5 If the goods are damaged, the Seller is entitled to deduct appropriate compensation from the amount refunded.
6. Deliveries to countries which are not members of the European Union (EU).
6.1 We ship exclusively to countries indicated in the system under shipping costs.
6.2 For deliveries to countries outside the European Union, all costs resulting from importation (including VAT, customs duties, processing costs at customs) shall be invoiced directly to the customer of the buyer directly by the shipping company. We point out that in the case of deliveries outside the European Union, we are required to enclose our invoice with the consignment so that the goods are cleared.
In this case, deliveries without an enclosed invoice from CLP cannot be shipped.
6.3 Returns from countries outside the European Union are not possible.
7. Technical availability and Copyright
7.1 All images, text and instructions made available are subject to our copyright.
7.2 Images, texts and instructions that we make available in the retailer area may be used for sales purposes. These may be shared with Third Parties only in agreement with us. If the contract is terminated by either Party, the latter can no longer be used in any way from the date of termination and are to be removed from all offers of the Buyer.
7.3 The Seller cannot guarantee the technical availability of the retailer area.
8. Duration of Agreement
8.1 The Agreement between the Seller and the Buyer is of indefinite duration. The Agreement may be terminated by either Party at any time.
9. Liability limitation
9.1 Unless otherwise agreed, contractual claims, incurred by the Buyer against us on or in connection with the delivery of the goods, expire one year after delivery of the goods. This does not affect our liability for intentional or grossly negligent breach of duty in cases of personal injury.
10. Place of fulfilment
10.1 Place of fulfilment is the seat of the Seller. For this Agreement and any disputes only German law is applicable.
11. Salvatorian Clause
11.1 If individual regulations of the present Agreement are or become ineffective or impracticable after Agreement conclusion, then the effectiveness of the Agreement is thereby not affected in the remaining provisions of the agreement. Effective and practical regulations are then to supersede the ineffective or impracticable regulations, the effects of which approach the intended economic objectives, which the contracting Parties have pursued with the ineffective and/or impracticable regulations. The managing regulations also apply for the case that the Agreement is proven incomplete. 


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